Can Your Heat
Treatments Be Verified?

Meet the Cimastat heat Verification Label

Bed Bug Heat Treatment verification

No more gusessing

Ensure lethal temperatures were reached durring any heat treatment

proven Temperature levels

Multiple / Highly accurate temperature verification zones.

Use in Any room

Verify temperatures, in drawers, mattresses, clothing etc.

Certified Product

Certified by the International Bed Bug Resource Authority

Easy & Affordable


New Technology

Advanced Proprietary Ink

How it works

See the verification labels in action

Use on any surface

Verify whole room heat

These labels are like no other in terms of form and functionality.  Being a sticker lets you easily place these on walls, ceilings, and other critical areas.  Keep the adhesive backing on to place in piles of clothes, drawers, books and even under carpets.  Use anywhere where you want to ensure lethal temperature thresholds were achieved.

Advanced Proprietary Ink Technology makes Cimastat unbeatable!

Scientifically proven lethal thresholds for

the whole lifecycle

Verifying and recording lethal temperature thresholds are a critical step for any bed bug heat treatment project. Temperature thresholds were chosen based on proven scientific research and practical experience to ensure that the entire bed bug life cycle will be effected during successful heat treatment.

 Verifying and documenting any heat treatment is a critical step to insure a successful treatment. Our Bedbug Heat Verification Labels are Certified by the International Bed Bug Resource Authority as cost effective means of determining and documenting lethal temperature readings during and after a Bed Bug Heat treatment.

Available from some of the Worlds most trusted providers

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This product will drastically change the heat treatment business by allowing for anyone to quickly and easily verify that lethal temperatures were reached during any heat treatment.  The Cimastat labels are also a very valuable tool to use for charting and documenting heat treatments.  Cimastat labels should be a part of every pest control technicians tool and documentation kit!

- Sam H.

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